Blinded Guide 1.11 Manual.

This game is not self-voicing. A screen reader can be used if desired. If using Jaws, either unload Jaws completely, or use alternative keys found in the manual. For best performance, always make sure you are running the latest version of the game. When updating, always uninstall the previous version.

Welcome to Blinded guide. How far can you make Blind Bob walk? Can you help him avoid the many obstacles in his neighborhood, or will Bob be destoned to be injured in many various ways?

1. About the Game

Blind Bob wants to go for a walk around his busy neighborhood. however, all sorts of hazards block his path. Things like lamp posts, open manhole covers, trees and more. blind bob will walk forward and it's your job to guide the hapless little blindy left and right to avoid obstacles. Don't walk too far in one direction though. there's a busy street on bob's left, and an angry dog named Oliver on the right. Be careful though, one misstep and Blind bob will injure himself and never want to go for any walks ever again. Can you successfully walk Bob around the block?

2. Changelog

2.1. What's new in Version 1.11

2.2. What's new in Version 1.1

2.3. What's new in Version 1.01

3. Setting up:

To Set up the game, run the blindedguidesetup.exe file you downloaded. Your setup will give you information both with spoken feedback, and text prompts. Follow the instructions and install the game. You can launch the game from both the LWorks program group in your start menu, or from a shortcut on your desktop.

4. The Main Menu:

when you run Blinded Guide, you will hear the LWorks Logo, and then you will be presented with the Main menu. The options are as follows.

5. Playing the Game:

5.1. Overview

Blind Bob will walk down the street, and it's your job to steer him around obstacles. To do this, you can turn him either 45 or 90 degrees to the left or right. One thing to keep in mind is that when Bob turns, the panning of objects will not change. You can use this as a guide to know that you have in fact cleared objects. When facing either 90 degrees left or right, bob will walk in that direction an dnot move forward down the street. You will know you have cleared an object when it pans to either your left or right.

5.2. Keys

The game can be controlled with three keys. Here they are.

Key: Alternate: Use:
Up Arrow I face forward (can only be used on easy and medium difficulty levels)
Left Arrow J turn 45 degrees to the left
Right Arrow L turn 45 degrees to the right
C check coordinates
P pauses or unpauses the game
Escape returns to the main menu

5.3. Objects

You'll run across and into various objects while playing. I suggest walking around instead.

5.3.1. poles

Used for lights and signs, these poles seem to be everywhere and anywhere. Each pole is two squares wide by one square long. Just walk around them. You can tell what they are by their constant squeaking sounds.

5.3.2. Sewers

There has been a rash of manhole cover thefts. Which means, open sewers. These are found placed towards the street side of the sidewalk. These are three by three squares, so give yourself some room and time to get around them. You'll know them by the constant gurgling sound they make.

5.3.3. Cans

Used to keep garbage from piling up everywhere, they are a royal pain. Three by three squares, they can be found anywhere on the sidewalk. Listen for the deep rumbling sounds they make.

5.3.4. Construction Sites

Nothing says a walk outside like having to avoid workers fixing up the sidewalk. These will take up the entire sidewalk so use grassy areas to go around. They are three squares long. Try to listen to what's going on around you so you can commit to a side. Listen for the sound of jackhammers and other noises.

5.3.5. Trees

Usually on the house side of the sidewalk. You don't want to run in to these. 3 squares wide by 1 square long. You'll need to be smart. Even walking in the grass isn't always safe. Listen for the wind and rustling sounds of leaves.

5.3.6. Hydrants

When Mrs. McRobinson takes Oliver for a walk, he can't help but mark these as his territory. You'll find them on the left side closer to the street. Do try to avoid running in to these. They're placed in a certain spot that will really hurt bob in a way no man wants to be injured. Like trees, they are three squares wide by one square long. Listen for the constant bubbling of water.

5.3.7. Bikes

Trying to cut down on the carbon footprint, or maybe because it's fun, people have taken to riding bikes. Bikes will move back and forth, and you need to get past them without getting run over. Bikes are one square wide by two squares long. Listen for the distinctive sounds of tires, bells, and horns.

5.3.8. Boundaries

On the far left and far right of the playing field are two boundaries. ON the far left is the street. It is Guaranteed that if you step in to it, a car won't be able to stop in time. You can guess what happens next. On the right is Oliver. Oliver hates people and will spare no expense to show you how much he hates you if you are unfortunate enough to step in to his yard. Listen for the two distinctive sounds the boundaries make, and do not step in to them. NO matter what.

5.4. Your Score

Each step forward is one point. Each step that is taken on either 45 or a 90 degree angle subtracts a point.

5.5. Extra Lives

Each 200 points you earn will give you an extra life. You'll want these in later levels.

6. Translations

Blinded Guide has been translated in to several languages. If you would like to add a translation in to your particular language for others to enjoy, please use the email address at the bottom of this page to get in touch.

7. Updates and message of the Day

Blinded guide does not currently contain an update system or a message of the Day system, but this may be added in future versions. Please check our website for updates on this title.

8. Contact Us:

If you encounter any technical problems using the game, please e-mail You can also reach us on twitter at Find Other games at

9. Credits

Thanks to the following People.

This is the end. Now go play!