The Great Toy Robbery V2.04 Manual

Please note: this game works best with the NVDA screen reader. It does not work well with JAWS for windows. Also, for best performance, please uninstall any previous versions of the game before playing.

Welcome to The Great Toy Robbery. Steal toys from Santa's workshop. avoid the elves and even Santa himself.

1. The story

Christmas comes once a year. We know that. You'll see lighted trees, sleds, snowmen, and presents. Lots of lots of presents under lots and lots of christmas trees. but.. for one boy this isn't the case. Naughty McNaughterson lived a naughty life. He J-Walked all the time, spit his gumb on the street, and to make matters worse Naughty was an avid Grand Rapids Gryphons Fan. Every year Santa never brought him anything. Nothing! Not even socks! he had to steal those from his dad. Naughty decided that he had to take action.

After consulting his map, Naughty figgured out where the north pole was. He constructed an airplane out of pieces of tin foil, and away he went! He flew for what seemed like hours, which ended up being about 5 minutes.

Naughty landed in a snowy clearing. he glanced around and saw a heavily secured building. Groups of elves stood around guarding the building. Naughty knew that this is where Santa must've kept his toys. "if There are no toys for me, then there will be none for anyone else!" said Naughty. He laughed and cackled as he aproached the building. The elves saw him and began to glare. Naughty just laughed and booted an elf in to the air. The others ran in terror. He walked in to the building and saw hundreds of toys all scattered around the room. Dolls, bears, trucks, pogo sticks, and basket balls were all there. Naughty began to scoop up toys in to his backpack when he heard an alarm off in the distance. A large elf on an even larger pogo stick bounced in through the door. he began to chase after Naughty. Little did Naughty know, that wasn't the worst of his problems.

and that's where you come in.

2. Setting up:

On windows, run the tgtrsetup.exe file you downloaded.

Your setup will give you information both with spoken feedback, and text prompts. Follow the instructions and install the game. You can launch the game from both the LWorks program group in your start menu, or from a shortcut on your desktop.

On OSX, open the .dmg file you downloaded, then copy the file to your Applications directory.

2.1. A Note about OSX

It is strongly recommended that you turn off VoiceOver before playing. VoiceOver is known to intercept arrow keys in such a way that causes them to act as though they are stuck down. The Great Toy Robbery will alert you if it detects VoiceOver enabled upon launch.

3. Configuration:

When you first run the game, you will be asked to enter your name. Type in your name and press enter to begin. This can always be changed later from the options menu.

You will then be asked to select your region. This however can not be changed later.

4. Dialogs:

At many points during the game, you will hear spoken text and will be prompted to press enter to continue. During this time you can press any of the arrow keys to repeat the dialog, or press Control C to copy it to your clipboard.

5. The Main Menu:

when you run The Great Toy Robbery, you will hear The LWorks Logo, an introduction sound, and then you will be presented with the Main menu. The options are as follows.

6. how to play

6.1. Overview

When you start, you will be standing on a 100x100 grid. There are toys scattered around the grid you must pick up. You start at the bottom left hand corner and can move by using your arrow keys. As you move you will hear different toys. Center a toy in your speakers and walk to it. If a toy is behind you, it will have a lower pitched sound. Of course, there is an issue. Since you've broken in to Santa's workshop, he has some security measures. These are the security elves. Regularly, an alarm will sound, and an elf will hop on to the grid. He'll chase after you and try and knock you out so keep away from him while grabbing toys. Once two minutes have elapsed, you'll have to deal with Santa himself.

6.2. toys

There are seven different types of toys, but their point values and purpose are all the same. When you grab a toy, you will have seven seconds to rack in some points. If you are able to grab another toy with in that seven second mark, a bell will sound and you will earn extra points. Grabbing a third toy earns even more points. Note that unlike in previous versions, the extra points will be based on how quickly you have collected a group of three toys.

6.3. elves

Elves are crazy little creatures who make the toys, and who would love to break your neck for stealing them. When one appears, you will hear a siren tone. Keep away from him, or else it's lights out. You'll hear him bouncing on his pogo stick and cackling. Just like toys, the pitch of an elf is lower if it is behind you. The more toys you have collected, the more frequently elves will appear. Be warned that they can appear anywhere on the grid, so there's always a chance one can pop up right behind you.

6.4. The fat man himself

After two minutes, the lights dim and Santa himself decides to deal with you. You'll hear roaring thunder and... An evil laugh? Wait. I thought Santa was a good guy?

Your goal is to escape, but it's not as simple as it sounds. Around the outside of the grid are seven doors: top right corner, top left corner, bottom right corner, bottom center, right center, top center, and left center. Randomly scattered around the grid are seven musical keys. Each key you pick up will open a random door, but it will also make Evil Santa all that more determined to catch you.

If you can collect all seven keys, Evil Santa will jump in to his rocket-powered Death Slay. You will have to make it to a door and escape before the Death Slay crashes in to the workshop blowing you up. If this happens, you will not receive any points at all. Do you dare risk it?

6.5. scoring breakdown

Scoring is broken down like this

7. Keyboard commands:

The Great Toy Robbery has several keys to be aware of. Here they are.

Note that when walking, you can hold down two arrow keys at once to walk diagonally. For example, holding down the up-arrow and the right-arrow at the same time will move you forward and to the right, while holding down the down-arrow and the left-arrow at the same time will move you backwards and to the left.

Key: Alternative Key: What it does:
Up Arrow I Walks forward and moves up in menus
Down Arrow K walks backwards and moves down in menus
Left Arrow J walks left.
Right Arrow L walks right
Two arrow keys together such as up and right two letters such as I and L moves you on a 45 degree angle
C Gives you your coordinates on the grid
T speaks remaining time left before Evil Santa arrives
S speaks number of toys collected
Enter confirms a menu selection or dismisses a dialog
Escape Backspace returns to the previous menu, exits the game if in the main menu, exits your current game, returns to the main menu after finished reading the manual
Arrow keys in dialogs repeats the message over again
Control Plus C in dialogs copy the dialog text to the clipboard

8. Updates and message of the Day

Every time you launch the game, it will go online to check for a new message of the day as well as to check for the latest version.

If an update is available, you will be prompted to visit the LWorks website to download it. If you choose not to update, the game will close. Always keep your game up to date as LWorks will release updates to improve your game play experience.

9. Posting your Score:

When you get a new high score, send it to our leaderboards for bragging rights.

You must be connected to the internet for this to work. If at the time you are not connected, your score will be saved so you can post it later.

10. Achievements

Like other LWorks titles, The Great Toy Robbery contains unlockables. Achievements can be earned by completing many varied tasks in game. It's up to you to discover all of them for yourself. Can you get them all and become an Achievement master?

If your stumped, work together with friends to share the achievements you found. You never know, someone may find something you've missed.

11. Contact Us:

If you encounter any technical problems using the game, please e-mail You can also reach us on twitter at Find Other games at

12. Credits

Thanks to the following People.

13. Licensing

13.1. Music

"Chase Pulse Faster", "Christmas Rap", "Deck the Halls B", "Jingle Bells", "Oh, Christmas Tree", "Up on a Housetop"

Kevin MacLeod (

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

13.2. NVG

The Non-visual Gaming Engine (Copyright (C) non-visual gaming

This project uses the nonvisual gaming engine (created by

Unauthorized usage, copying, reproduction, or modification of this license or framework in any form and via any medium is strictly prohibited without prior express permission from, and attribution to, the original creators.

Under no circumstances are you permitted to, or attempt to, reverse engineer, debug, decompile, disassemble, decrypt, or otherwise engage in actions that could result in disclosure of information to which access has not rightfully been granted.

The non-visual gaming framework must always be distributed in verbatim form comprising all relative materials. this includes binaries, license, creddits, and documentation associated with the project.

In no event shall terms be applied to permit or deny usage of this framework in any way other than those directly expressed here.

While using this software, you are liable for any claim, damages and/or any other liability that might arise as a result of the framework.

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