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Brain Station (coming in 2018)

Welcome to Brain Station. Step on in, and bend your brain with fun word, logic, and math games. Just because the games are educational doesn't mean they're boring.

When it is released, Brain Station will contain over a dozen fun and challenging games. Play against the Bangman to find the word he's thinking of. Go for a waltz to answer math problems and impress the fans. Follow the equation in Numeral Lander to land your lander safely on an alien moon. Play recall and match to test your memory. All this and more is coming in 2018.

Earn coins by playing games to unlock higher difficulty levels along with all new games themselves. A robust achievement system will make even the most avid collectors happy.

Audio Demos

Here are some audio demos of a few of the games for you to enjoy.

If the audio plays in your browser and you would like to download instead, right click on the file and choose save as.

Public Alpha Version

You can now grab a copy of the public alpha to try out two games. Use the contact page to let us know how you like it. Please note that the game is in a zip file, so you will need to extract it to a folder of your choice.

Please choose the server to download this file from.


Brain Station does not have a confirmed release date or price point yet, but we hope to have it availible by the end of 2018. Follow this page along with our social media accounts for more information.