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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are answers to commonly asked questions we receive on a regular basis. Please read this page before contacting us.

Game Questions

How can I become an LWorks Tester?

From time to time, we may recruit testers from among the community to help test our upcoming games. We are not usually actively looking for testers. Please do not email us asking if you can test our games. it is the best way to not be chosen for future testing considerations. Instead, check our website. If we are looking for testers, we will have a page posted with pertanent information.

When downloading a game, the computer tells me that the game is unsafe. What is going on?

Windows has a feature called smart screen filter which attempts to block what considers to be unsafe downloads. these are applications which are not signed which the computer thinks may pose a risk. LWorks does not currently sign it's setup files with microsoft. If running a setup file and smart screen filter appears, click on the more info button, and then choose run anyways. Games from LWorks do not contain viruses, and are safe to run.

Windows Defender or another antivirus program has blocked and removed an LWorks game from my system after installing. What can I do?

The first thing to remember is that all LWorks games are free of viruses and malware. Several antivirus software suites flag our games most likely due to the built-in interpreter our games use to run code. Below is info on how to deal with this for Windows defender. We will add instructions for other programs as they become availible.

Windows Defender

Thanks to Mason Armstrong for the original post in which these directions are loosely based.

if Windows Defender has blocked a game from running, you have a few ways of dealing with this. Under windows 10 you can press windows key plus A to bring up the action center. If you tab until you enter a list box, you can move downward until you find a message about windows defender blocking a virus. From there, press enter and results will open. There should be a list of viruses windows defender has found. Press enter on the most recent one, and tab to restore. Pressing this button should restore the .exe file.

If you would like to adjust the way windows defender works whether to disable it, or change your list of excluded folders, follow these steps under Windows 10.

  1. Pres windows i to open settings.
  2. Tab once to the list box and navigate to Update & Security. Press enter.
  3. Tab once to the list box that appears and navigate to Windows Defender. Press enter.
  4. Tab to the Open Windows Defender Security button and press enter.
  5. If your focus lands on the virus & threat protection button, press enter. Otherwise, tab until you hear this button. If this button does not appear, there will be a list box. It's first option is home. Press down until you reach Virus & Threat Protection. Press enter.
  6. Tab until you land on the virus protection & Threat Settings button. Press enter.

Note that you can also reach this screen faster by using the search ability by pressing windows key and typing in windows defender then selecting the virus & protection options as listed above.

From here you have a number of options including disabling real-time scanning (not recommended) as well as adding folder and file exclusions.

To disable real-time scanning you can press space on the real-time protection button. Please keep in mind this will make your computer less protected. If you don't care about this, then this option may be for you.

here's how to add a folder or file exclusion.

  1. tab until you land on the add or remove folder exclusions item. Press enter
  2. Choose the add exclusion button which should already be selected after doing the previous step.
  3. a menu will pop up. You can choose either file or folder. It's recommended to choose folder to exclude the entire LWorks folder in case you install future games.
  4. If choosing a folder, tab to the tree view, and browse your harddrive to find the Lworks folder. For reference, this is usually located in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Lworks"
  5. When you find the folder, press enter in the treeview to change focus to this folder.
  6. Tab to select folder and press enter. You have now excluded the LWorks folder and can play future LWorks games with no trouble.

You may choose to paste in the LWorks folder path in to the box that appears when choosing the folder option if you want to speed things along.

How can I run Super Liam or Judgment Day Under Windows 10?

Please understand these games are considered legacy products which means we no longer support them. You will need to install direct x 8.0 runtimes. One source for these files is provided by Damien Garwood, and can be downloaded by clicking this link. This is a 3rd party website, and we are not responsible for it's content.

where can I find a particular game that may not be listed on your website? I know you created it, where did it go?

Due to various reasons, we do not offer every single classic game for download. The Abandonware page is a great place to find most of the games you are looking for. Our friends over at The Audiogames Archive have put together an exhaustive list of LWorks games from the past and present.

What is the status of a particular game? I heard you might be working on X Y or Z?

The rule of thumb regarding any LWorks title is that if it is not listed on our website, it most likely is not currently in development. The aBandonware page lists particular games that are no longer being developped. This includes Zompocalypse which is a game we receive numerous inquiries about.

So what exactly happens at the end of Super Liam anyways?

We'd prefer you to use your own imagination. If there ever is a sequel, it will most likely be explained. Or will it?

How often are Scoreboards reset?

Our scoreboards are not currently automated, but we try to reset them on or around the first of the month.

I have an amazing idea for a game that LWorks absolutely has to make,, what should I do?

We do not take game requests, but we are always open to ideas for new and existing games. Please understand that suggesting an idea does not entitle you to any form of compensation financial or otherwise. We always do love to publicly thank those who give us ideas for concepts we end up using however.

Will your games ever be released for Mac?

this is an avenue that is currently being explored. Version 2.0 of the Great Toy Robbery is our first cross-platform game. More may follow depending on community interest.

Sales Questions

I lost my key for Super Egg Hunt or Slide. what can I do?

We understand that lost keys happen. Please try to make every effort to back up your registration information. Having to replace keys takes away from the time we could be spending to develop games. However, if you cannot recover a key, please drop us a line on the contact page, and we will replace the key for you.

My country does not allow me to use Paypal to purchase your products. Can you give me games for free?

As much as we sympathize with those who live in countries with certain banking and commerce restrictions, we will not give out games for free. It is impossible for us to confirm that you reside in the country you claim to live in. for Super egg Hunt, you may want to consider using our reseller AT Guys who offer credit card transactions.

Why do you charge for your games when X Y or Z gives theirs away for free? You should give everything away.

Everyone's reasoning is different as to why they offer games for free or for payment. We will not speculate on anyone's particular motives, but we feel that if we are taking the time to make games, then there should be a return on the investment. Understand that in a lot of cases, money is being spent to produce the games. LWorks has purchased several sound library’s which have cost considerable amounts of money. Like any business, we would like to at least break even. We understand that in the blind community funds are limitted, so we strive to offer our games at costs which are fair to the consumer.

Business Questions

I am an organization or company who would like to resell your games. What do I need to do?

If you're interested in reselling our products please get in touch with Sales on the contact page. We would absolutely love to directly serve overseas markets through resellers.

Does Liam do Interviews for Podcasts? Does LWorks offer free Games for reviews, promotions, ETC?

Liam is always happy to do interviews for podcasts time permitting. Please contact LWorks on our contact page, and we will try to arrange something. LWorks however is not in the habbit of giving away copies of games for reviews or 3rd party give-aways. Please contact us though and let us know what you have in mind. We have been known to do work with internet radio stations in the past depending on the interest of listeners.

Do you offer site licenses for schools or universities?

If you are a school or university, please get in touch on our sales page so we can get an idea of your needs and customize a licensing program for you.

Can Liam speak about his experiences as a game developper at my convention, school, event?

Liam has spoken at several events across the country, and would love to talk to you. Get in touch on the contact page, and something can be arranged.